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Name : Katie
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Location : Earth
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Personal Bio

Name: shippuu ookami (Hurricane Wolf)

Age: Old enough to kill, Old enough to drink (shonobi style)

Gender: Female

Location: England (United Kingdom), Europe, Earth, Solar System, Milkey Way, Universe. . . Errrrr

Likes: Football, Sleep, Food, Sleep, Animals, Sleep, Internet, Sleep, Music, Sleep, My iPod, Sleep, Fanfiction, Sleep, Anime, Sleep, Manga, Sleep, Phoenix, Sleep, Wolf, Sleep, Dragon, Sleep, Tiger, Sleep, Snake, Sleep, Evil Vampire Banana's, Sleep, My friends (Aww not!), Sleep, Assassin's, Sleep, My dog Rosie, sleep, ICT, Sleep, Graphics, Sleep, Art, Sleep, Black, Sleep, Red, Sleep, Neon Colours and oh Sleep! Plus Bugs Bunny!

Dislikes: School, Teachers, Work, Waking up, Runner Beans, Carrots, My friends Dog (it bit me!), Ducks, My Mum (She wont let me have a pet rat!), Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto), Sai (Naruto), L (Death Note), Anyone who dises Relentless, Crayons, Faires, Nutella, Anyone who calls me a goth (i have nothing against goths - just i am not one), Teddy Bears invading the white house, Doctors (they always have cold hands), Baby Pink, Squares, Grammar, English, German (not the poeple - just Learning the Languge, i suck), People who Dislike me, My friends Ex-Boyfriend (Both of them - Snowy and Ali), My (Personal) Computer, Smoking, Someone not letting me have their hat, People who diss my Shoes, Rasins, Orange Peal, Super Glue (guess what happened), The printer, Onions.

Hate: My English Teacher!


Anime/Manga: Naruto / Death Note / Beyblade / Digimon / Wolf's Rain / Bleach / Vampire Knight / Gundam Wing/AC / Yu-Gi-Oh / Yu-Gi-Oh GX / Soul Eater / Shaman King and more. . . Books: Dragon Master (Chris Bunch) / The Night Angel Trilogy (Brett Weeks) / The Mortal Instrument Trilogy (Cassandra Clare) / Twilight Trilogy (Stephanie Meyer) / Vampire Diaries (L.J.Smith) / The House of Night Trilogy (P.C. and Kristen Cast) / Assassin's Creed Renaissance (Oliver Bowden) / Percy Jackson (Rick Riorddan) / Vampire Beaches Series (Alex Duval) / Night Wolrld (L.J.Smith) / The Immortals Trilogy (Alyson Noel) / Dark Visions (L.J.Smith) / The sight (David Clement-Davies) / Time Riders (Alex Scarrow) / The Huger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins) / The Morganville Vampires (Rachel Caine) / Eragon and more. . . Cartoons: Storm Hawks and more. . . Comics: Ultimate Marvel / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. . . Games: Call of Duty / Devil May Cry / Halo / Monster Hunter Tri / Final Fantasy / Ninga Gaiden / Pac-man / Ookami / All Mario Games / Legend of Zelda / Rayman Raving Rabbits / All Sonic the Hedgehog Games / My Sims / Another Code :R / All Assassin's Creed Games / All Harvest Moon Games / Naruto / Bleach and more. . . Misc: Lots and Lots of Crossovers Movies: Transformers / Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen / G.I.Joe: Rise of the Cobra / Star Trek / The Prince of Persia / Fools Gold / Alice in Wonderland 2010 / Bullet Proof Monk (LOLZ) / Racing Stripes / The Day After Twomorrow / All Naruto Movies / The Italien Job / Oceans 11 / Oceans 12 / Oceans 13 / Wall-e (Look Piles of S*it) / Iron Man / Mission Impossible / I Am Legend / Avatar / Mr and Mrs Smith / Wanted / St Trinians / Tomb Raider and more. . . The only reason it says 'and more. . .' is because my brain sucks!