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Name : Billy
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Location : Lousisiana, United States
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 7th February 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

So my name is Billy Nguyen, i am of vietnamese/chinese descent and i'm a junky for video games. Though i dont have much time to play em anymore, i still remember the ones that i did and thus i have become a little fan girl for them lol
I'm 20 years old... just made on the 7th of february... so im still pretty young, people always think im older than that though, must be because of my build.

So far awkwardly enough i seem to be hooked on planning out final fantasy cosplays haha

and if anyone else has an idea for me, try me, im always up for it!

but anyways... I am a graphic design student at Southeastern Louisiana university over here in the states, why i have a UK cosplay island account? thats beyond me lol
well i guess its because my buddy "Manticore" suggested i got one haha

anyways on that note, i love to paint, draw, sketch, design blah blah blah...

Cosplay Bio

I have been doing cosplay for only a few months now and I'm currently training my body to do a genderbent cosplay that shows a bit more skin that i hoped, but it must be done! >:D

When it comes to cosplay, it seems like everythings been done before... so my dream is to to do what others havent. I plan to genderbend my favorite female characters and hopefully become know for it. and no im not talking about the creepy dudes that wear sailor moon outfits...
I want to reinvent the characters in such a way that they are still recognizable... just male haha
Dont worry Ill still keep my masculinity!

And of course my other favorite characters get some love as well, i just gotta find the time and expenses to work on them... steady as she goes i guess.

my ambition is to go to the london expo in may... well at least one of these mays.. i am on the other side of the world after all!