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Name : Clara
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Date of Birth : 18th December 1986
Age : 30

Cosplay Bio

Tell us about your interest in cosplay:

I've always really enjoyed dressing up since I was a child for Carnival (mid Feb in Portugal). It's always been a chance to express myself, sort of outside of the box for a few days. It's always been fantastic to just walk around in cosplay.

How did you get started?
My very first cosplay costume was in 2005 when I was very fortunate to go to Otakon in Baltimore. A very kind friend, that I have know for years, invited me over to stay with her during the Summer. Thus started my cosplay journey.

What has been your proudest moment and greatest achievement?
My very first handmade piece by piece cosplay- Kobato! I'll never forget hand drawing those flowers.

I like cosplay gatherings as well- organized by first for Otakon 06 and have been with the London Expo CLAMP group twice *yay*


Forgot a title...

Wed, 15 Apr 2009 21:03:50 GMT

Lovely new layout! Got it from:

Other news: I'm finally on facepalm (and yes that is a typo)... there's a lot of people I know...
Back to the UK this week for the last run at Uni.

And new laptop <3