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Name : Sarah
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Location : United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 12th December 1995
Age : 21

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Hi my name is Sarah, I live in Liverpool, I like animes such as Fruit basket (wanna cosplay as Tohru Honda one day), Ouran Host club, Inuyasha, Haruhi Suzumiya series and more. Also I love Doctor who and Adventure time.

I've been going to the MCM Manchester Expo now twice in a row now, since 2011 and love it. I wish I was part more of the groups and stuff, also its good for bargains (when u find them) and stuff u cant normally buy. Last year I didn't get dressed up and felt so left out.. Also I have cataplexy now so when I get too excited I kind of collapsed or get lightheaded, so I'll have to try to contain myself slightly, which is hard when you're at an expo. X)

Cosplay Bio

I love dressing up, I don't do it often though since I cant really afford it.. My first time cosplaying I was really awkward and wasn't sure what to do, also I had my big sister and her friends with me, so I didn't have much freedom and it was really strange for them.

So this year will be my second time, but I will seem to be in my normal clothing so I wont be as noticeable on the train home.. (Yeah packed train dressed as Haruhi Suzumiya looked quite odd).

Also I love cosplaying and going expos because everyone shares the same love and excitement for fandoms and shows and stuff. It's a lovely feeling and its so nice to be in the same room with people like that. Its wonderful to see all the amazing costumes too and what the place has to offer.

If you see me feel free to say hi and talk to me, as long as I'm not busy! Such as last time I was buying a poster and a guy wanted a picture, so I had to drop everything and go over.. So only when suitable, thanks! :)

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Doodling / Singing / dancing (well trying) / writing stories&songs / anime / Doctor who / dressing up