Personal Information

Name : Dominic
Location : Bath
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1983
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Geek - leveling up his geekdom through acquiring of new hobbies.

Computer Programmer for a Bath based software house by day. Gamer; larper; table top roleplayer; cosplayer; very occasional random game designer; sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and anime fan - the rest of the time.

After over three years of playing it is no more! And the universe is a worse place for it.
Still exists, heavily inspired by NexusWar. Still in alpha, but looks promising.

Cosplay Bio

First in 2008 Ailsa-chan made me do it! I made a couple of costumes, then I bought a house and learnt renovating a house eats up all your time.

I have been to the following cons (click links for photos):
Minami 14
Amecon 08
Minami 15
Kitacon 10
Minami 16

And plan to do some amounts of cons a year, but probably no more expos, for however long I keep cosplaying which I'm getting back into now the house is nearly 'done'.


Future Reverberations

Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:25:23 GMT

It's run; it's done. Proven once again the formula works; makes for excellent games (if I do say so myself), but probably isn't suitable for Sunday linears given it's taken 8.5 hours both times. I realised this morning, how much pressure I'd put myself under. The dual challenges of living up to people's positive memories of a game I ran seven years ago (meaning some of the less good bits have probably been forgotten), my own need for perfection when I care about something, and just wanting to make sure everyone had fun and xanthipe and I survived the process intact.

As a GM the game itself is it's own reward; even if it's very much an effort in = reward out equation. Watching the players laugh or smile or give you the evils, and then seeing the roleplay you've spawned, is such a great feeling and hilarious at times.

There was less in this game than the last one in terms of planned encounters, but I think the player crew as a whole spent more time dealing with the things they were seeing, and roleplaying through the consequences, that the first lot had. Different characters, with perhaps a different level of acceptance of where they've come from and where they were going.

Glad I've done it, once again couldn't have pulled it off without xanthipe. We've got a very good balance and rhythm as a GM pair, the right mixture of organisation, communication and mutual support to make it all work.

The take away other than basking in everyone else's enjoyment and appreciation, is that I wait with hope and fear the next good larp idea that grabs me. Hope because when you get a good idea and it really works, it's am amazing feeling, fear because I set myself such high standards of games I can hit, and I know at times I fall far shorter than I like.