Personal Information

Name : Dominic
Location : Bath
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1983
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Geek - leveling up his geekdom through acquiring of new hobbies.

Computer Programmer for a Bath based software house by day. Gamer; larper; table top roleplayer; cosplayer; very occasional random game designer; sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and anime fan - the rest of the time.

After over three years of playing it is no more! And the universe is a worse place for it.
Still exists, heavily inspired by NexusWar. Still in alpha, but looks promising.

Cosplay Bio

First in 2008 Ailsa-chan made me do it! I made a couple of costumes, then I bought a house and learnt renovating a house eats up all your time.

I have been to the following cons (click links for photos):
Minami 14
Amecon 08
Minami 15
Kitacon 10
Minami 16

And plan to do some amounts of cons a year, but probably no more expos, for however long I keep cosplaying which I'm getting back into now the house is nearly 'done'.


State of things

Fri, 25 Jul 2014 23:29:57 GMT

I feel a need to make a list of the things that are currently eating headspace/or that I've committed to. If only to prompt me to get myself organised and get me out of perpetual fire fighting mode. Or at the very least so I can identify some goals to get done by the end of August, so I can see if I can go with the never stop and rest approach for that month and see how well I can sustain it, and how productive it ends up being.

Future Reverberations larp - progressing well generally. I think I'd like to be further through planning and fic writing with Xanthipe, but we're certainly not behind where we need to be. Hoping the do nothing holiday in Spain with Rachael's family will let me get the bulk of statting/a whole bunch of future visions done; fear this may be wishful thinking.
Worship No Other Boardgame. I've got the card layouts now, need to do the work to get them into a state I can easily/quickly apply the card text, and make an initial short list of publishers to submit to. Probably worth looking into what options they are for printing/manufacturing in the UK if publishers comer to nothing and I attempt the kickstarter route.
Unnamed Space themed auction worker placement boardgame. Consists of a rules document and a single rough play test. Shows lots of promise, so I need to do the work of fleshing it out based upon initial impressions and begin the iterative development cycle. Will need a fair bit of math to work our how to balance the scoring. Suspect it will be a better game that Worship No other if I get it right.
All that unfinished cosplay and other sewing projects. Guest room is almost at a state I can start using it for that. Need to pick a project and try and get it to completion. Maybe pick an evening a week for that? Need to particularly define the AC2 Brotherhood Cesare Borgia costume project plan.

Cleaning. I've got a sizeable ironing back log, several things need to be cleaned that haven't been cleaned in too long now (mostly oven), need to get into regular routine for certain jobs. Bank holiday weekend is my next weekend when I might get a chance.
Improvements. There's a long list of things that need doing, some of them probably 5 years old at least. I need to try and pick one a week to try and get it sorted - guest room is a success though.
Garden. Is back to the 'ah I didn't look at it for 2 months everything is overgrown' stage again. Ultimately need to decide what I want to do with it. Maybe set aside a couple of hours a week of just working at it? Need to decide how best to make use of the 1 day of labour from Nat and 10 hours of labour from neighbours to get this done.
Car. Could use a clean, maybe bank holiday weekend job/maybe evening job?

Gaming. Resisting buying new games, slowly slowly working through back log.
Larp. Not happening as much as I'd like, getting better at going when Sunday has no other plans, so as much as possible is probably sufficient.
Tabletop. Mistborn great and fortunately unfortunately irregular. Wish it was more often, but my time is as limited as the players. Dark heresy fun, feel bad it's not the mini campaign Cat planned. Unnamed tabletop with Liz, Jack, Scarlett and Rachael still in the want to do nothing organised stage. Need to find a nice relatively simple system, and agree a time and place.
Cosplay - see projects
Game design - see projects
Boardgaming - managing fairly frequent social nights/weekends, would like to play with a wider variety of people.
Reading - finishing book 2 of The Stormlight Archive, have another 5 fatish fantasy books to read. Have come to realise that Sanderson's plans means I'll be reading novels of his in my 50's and maybe in my 60's before he completes the full 36 Cosmere related books he has planned. Conclusion, will be reading new Sanderson books for most of the rest of my life, this is no bad thing.

Walking down the hill to work, need to bite the bullet and start walking back too, but that then costs me 30-45 minutes in evening in recovery time from walk. Also warm bad.
Swimming, have gone once this year, plan to swim as much as possible in Spain, need to swim more.
Larp - sort of counts right?
Joining the Louisa gym. Seems like an excellent plan, have no idea of when I'd have time to go/how to make time to go. Will be easier if I can get back to getting into work at 8:30 rather than 10.
Kettle bells and the Dan-su exercise regime. Need to do this again, intention is no larp Sunday's at minimum - except non-larp Sunday's are normally away Sunday's...

Other concerns:
Thank yous. So behind in wedding thank yous, need to do them, because they are important and then they'll be done. This is a lovely source of guilt and stress.
Honeymoon. We really really need to get on with booking it or New Zealand is not going to happen, or will happen at more expense. This is a growing source of stress.
Scube diving lessons. This years birthday present. Step 2 in operation swim with sharks. Need to work out a time to go.

Too many wonderful people, not enough time. Doing sufficient time it seems, but would always be happy with more.