Personal Information

Name : Dominic
Location : Bath
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 14th May 1983
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Geek - leveling up his geekdom through acquiring of new hobbies.

Computer Programmer for a Bath based software house by day. Gamer; larper; table top roleplayer; cosplayer; very occasional random game designer; sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and anime fan - the rest of the time.

After over three years of playing it is no more! And the universe is a worse place for it.
Still exists, heavily inspired by NexusWar. Still in alpha, but looks promising.

Cosplay Bio

First in 2008 Ailsa-chan made me do it! I made a couple of costumes, then I bought a house and learnt renovating a house eats up all your time.

I have been to the following cons (click links for photos):
Minami 14
Amecon 08
Minami 15
Kitacon 10
Minami 16

And plan to do some amounts of cons a year, but probably no more expos, for however long I keep cosplaying which I'm getting back into now the house is nearly 'done'.


Good Weekend

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:03:42 GMT

That was a good weekend, admittingly I came down with a cold half way through (and I'm therefore worried I'll be patient zero for all my friends who I saw that weekend), but still a good weekend.

Friday was a good productive evening, which even if I ended up going to be bed at 2am, at least saw me go to bed with a chunk of ironing done, and the curry and the batch bolognese I wanted to cook made. Saturday started later than we planned, but we got things sorted before people arrived and had a nice day of boardgames with people for Rachael's birthday and English Cheesecake Company Red Velvet cheesecake to finish things off. The curry was also well appreciated. Circumstances meant we didn't have the people staying over we expected to, meaning we could have a reasonable lie in Sunday morning (till 11am ish) and got up and ready in time for Mary and Carrie's arrival. The lasagna I made worked well, and then off to see Joe Abercrombie and Garth Nix gave a very interesting/entertaining talk in the evening. Evening was finished off with the last of the chesecake and some good chatting.

So yes good food, great company, interesting things, fun games and getting sufficient things done. Aside from being ill nearly perfect really.