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Name : Sasha
Location : London
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Personal Bio

Hey i'm Sa-chan! I love Anime, manga and cosplay. I am a student in the UK and my hobbies are Drawing, Photography, music and watching Anime, especially Onepiece! I play electric guitar and enjoy singing. I am mixed race from England and St.Vincent and am interested in doing photo-journalism or Illustration in the future.

Cosplay Bio

I started Cosplaying in 2010. My older brother got me into anime a couple years before and I decided to look into some anime events. My first cosplay was Mio Akiyama from the Anime K-on! which i highly recommend! :D
It's now a kind of tradition for me and my brother to Cosplay at MCM Expo every year.
I Love Cosplay!!!!! Cosplay is a great way to express yourself and feel confident. There is always a sense of community at Cosplaying events and its the perfect place to make friends, it's like one big family! Nakama! ;D I love being able to become my favourite anime characters, cosplay is my passion!

Contact Information

Here is my DevientART account, feel free to check it out ^______^


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