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Name : Rosie (Misa)
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Date of Birth : 11th October 1996
Age : 19

Personal Bio

oh im still at collage at the mo and will be going to university , im passionate about alot of things really , i love art ,i love cosplay and fashion ,all things pink cute n girly and japanese . i love my friends -however iv been told that im way to shy and i know im not that confident -but im working on it -i am nice tho -i get along with most people

Cosplay Bio

I first became intreasted in animation when I was younger I loved any and every thing disney esspecially disney princesses , therefore when my friend first told me about cosplay i was really exited to participate ,im very passionated about clothes and fashion so i just in general love being creative and designing variations of famous charaters costume and to put a new twist on a classic. Me


compleate -

undead belle - (may 2011)
cinderella -(october 2011)
butter stotch (june/july 2011)
hello kitty
mad hatter
snow queen
misa amane
taylor swift love story
rei - hotd

in progress cosplays

tinkerbell - diney fairys
ariel or belle town dress
lilo and stitch
luca - vocloid

near future cosplays#

zoe - tokyo mew mew - may 2013
luna lovegood- harry potter
ariel - night gown
marie - aristocats
louise - familiar of zero
kagami kuro - neko
Wednesday adams


i am inteasted in films (romantic comedies / scifi / fiction / amime ect ) / music ( gorrilaz / My chemical rommance / Pink / greenday / )all things pink and girly / kittens / art / textiles / fashion. / hugs and my friends . / i also love anime and manga my favorites at the moment are black butler / disney / deathnote / high school of the dead and tokyo mew mew.