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Name : Emma
Location : Qu Marsh.
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 1st January 1987
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it

Cosplay Bio

Been cosplaying since May 2007 and got the bug from the love of the idea of dressing up and my friend Sam =^__^= My first cosplay was a FF12 Moogle ...the less we talk about that the better. It was F A I L to the Extreme. Will revisit that cosplay though. Do it better this time.

Dream Cosplay?! Evil Question. Red XIII! That'll be fab to make that outfit. Chiyo-Chan penguin style is also another that I'd like to make. Oooh! Then theres Rikku! I'd love to cosplay her Trainer outfit (FFX-2). Though due to the possibility of immense discomfort and awkwardness as well as the threat of having my lunch stolen, I doubt I could get away with carrying an oversized monkey on my head....

Next in line for the Cosplayness are Zell, Ico and Ursula :3 So excited about those cosplays :3

My most memorable cosplays were Peeeeach, Maleficent and Quina!
Quina was so much fun and Princess Peach. I loved dressing as her, every part of it was fun. Fun to make, Fun to wear and fun to beat peoples butts on SSB Brawl at the same time. =^__^= Couldn't walk either without being stopped for hugs or photos!!!



My Favourite Manga/Anime: Fruits Basket / Qwan / Immortal Rain / Naruto / xxxHolic / Tsubasa / Pita Ten / Fushigi yugi / Model / Bleach / D.N.Angel / Emma / Arcana / Tokyo Mew Mew / I luv Halloween / DEATHNOTE...theres just too many!! My favourite Games: Final Fantasy 1-12 / KINGDOM HEARTS 1+2 / Star Ocean / Tekken series / Soul Calibur 2+3 / Tetris / God of War 1+2 / Silent Hill / Legend of Zelda / Shadow of The Colossus and more... My favorite book(s) The Lies of Locke Lamora / Red Seas under Red Skies / Stardust / Howls Moving Castle / The Princess Bride / Interview with a Vampire / The Looking Glass Wars / Each Peach Pear Plum / Diary of a Wombat / The Gruffalo...