Personal Information

Name : nick
Location : Washington state USA
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th November 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Hi! My name is Nick and I totally love foxes, the Renaissance, Sci-fi, fantasy, and anime. I am extremely lazy unless the project is something that really interests me which cosplaying I decided that I would start working on a costumes for Rad-con in Pasco, Washington.

Cosplay Bio

I have attended Renaissance fairs since I was two, so I guess I just grew up with the idea. Currently I have two separate Ren fair characters: Edward Cook and Bane (up to this point Bane was human, but I've started changing him so he's now a fox). Rad-con is the other event I attend and I'm planning on using Bane for that (once I finish his head that is).

Contact Information

I am kinda new to making animal masks so if anyone has any advice for me I can be contacted at The mask im making has a foam construction.


sci-fi / anime / manga / ren fairs/conventions / movies / books / vampires / foxes :3