Personal Information

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Name : Jess
Website : http://mermaid-murmur.tumblr.com/
Location : Dorset
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 29th May 1998
Age : 18

Personal Bio

Well... I got into anime ages ago and then vocaloid and my obsession has kinda... Blossomed I guess... Crossplay is indefinably my strong point, so most of my cosplays are boys... *Sighs*
Anyways I enjoy it, I will be attending cons! If you want to know which contact me on my tumblr or PM me and I'll give you my FB~ x

Cosplay Bio

Wah idk.
Gumi Megpoid was my first ever cosplay, Ciel, Misaki, Finny, Rin, Karkat~
Planning on doing Roxas and Karkat in the future~
Crossplay is probably my strong and weak point... I guess... I can't like, do really mannish people, being 5ft and babyfaced means only cute boys for me ;3; Wah ah well, any questions ask me~ x



Anime / Manga / Black Butler / Homestuck / Hetalia wah too many.