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Name : Jonathan
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Location : Canterbury
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Canterbury based, I run local anime society KentANIMEted, head ManyLemons Productions, an AMV and Video Editing Studio, and I take many, many photos of near enough everything.

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Cosplaying since long, long ago. It amuses me to bring out bizarre, obscure and quite random costumes that have people either puzzled or agape with recognition.

Our pride and joy is still Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle, he takes proud place in our living room to this day.

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MinamiCon 21 Gallery

Mon, 06 Apr 2015 01:58:37 GMT

Originally posted at ManyLemons, you can reply here or there.

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The chilltastic MinamiCon hits its 21st year and doesn’t disappoint. It’s been a while since I’ve properly enjoyed a con and not felt I absolutely had to have a camera surgically attached to my face the entire time!

For those who’ve joined UK conventions through the manic MCM ComicCons or the nightlife of a KitaCon might not be well prepared for the laid-back, old-school nature of Minami, it’s a classic convention in the model of days past.  Simpler times with a much more local feel.  Cosplay is often not to the grandiose scale you see at the large events – although that isn’t always true! – but for many of us this is where we started, and it’s the con we wind down at.  Even the Masquerade will have a dozen prizes for categories made up on the spot, specifically to neuter the drama that can spawn from a competitive event.

While large ComicCons will boot you out after a manic day, and while party cons will blare out music until 2 in the morning, what does Minami do?  Sets up a giant room of homemade kotatsus and cushions, fills it with board games and says have at it.  Also karaoke.  Wouldn’t miss it for the world.



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