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Name : Jonathan
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Location : Canterbury
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Canterbury based, I run local anime society KentANIMEted, head ManyLemons Productions, an AMV and Video Editing Studio, and I take many, many photos of near enough everything.

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Cosplaying since long, long ago. It amuses me to bring out bizarre, obscure and quite random costumes that have people either puzzled or agape with recognition.

Our pride and joy is still Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle, he takes proud place in our living room to this day.

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KitaCon Invasion Gallery

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 10:57:28 GMT

Originally posted at ManyLemons, you can reply here or there.

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KitaCon returns!  Back at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole, across a pond from the NEC I was at the previous week no less!

Kita has made for itself the name of the UK party con, and it lives up to it in full force.  There’s been a  shift from cosplayers milling about during the day making full use of the pretty venue and the lovely outdoors for photoshoots to mostly empty corridors and people crammed into panels or sleeping off the previous night to make way for the next big party!

A combination of that, being busy, and being a bit on the lazy side means it’s a bit light on the floor costume shots, there were plenty of other photographers and videographers around so hopefully no one is going without.

On the other hand if you got on the stage over the weekend then prepare for a barrage of shots.  Pretty lighting and and the lovely Lulu Rose as my glamorous assistant means we’ve got you covered.  Keep an eye out for her shots, this is her first convention properly using a DSLR and I’m proud to include them in the gallery.



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