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Name : Andy
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Location : Bristol
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Date of Birth : 9th August 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

*Update* 2012
24 Years old, been going to cons since 2008! Currently living in Bath and working over in Bristol as a full time Visual Merchandiser/Stylist.

Cosplay Bio

*UPDATE* 2012
Have been cosplaying 5 years, I started when I was in my 3rd year at uni thanks to shinigami_ky and Sephnoir at our uni's anime society.
My first cosplay was a gender-bender cross play of Tohru from Fruits Basket (boy version essentially) in a simple sailor fuku, blue shorts and a long pair of socks!
From there I bought a couple of cosplays then began to make my own by modding outfits I had or found.
To date I have made various cosplays, simple and complicated, and am currently taking commissions.
Greatest achievement so far has been making and cosplaying as Kuja from FF9, albeit a bit of a throw together cosplay, which has instilled in me to move onto bigger and better things!

Contact Information

If you would like any commissions please feel free to email me at OR alternatively shoot me a PM here!



Anything Anime or Manga related / English literature (Mainly Gothic or children's fiction) / music-anything from pop to Jrock. Love painting and decorating interiors my own style and fashion in general. Very much a fan of socialising down the pub which is probably a great interest of most people but who cares for originality when it comes to the pub!