Personal Information

Name : Nikkita
Website :
Location : Salt Lake City
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th January 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Hello my name is Nikki and this is my cosplay profile. I'm not really big in cosplay right now, but I'm learning with the help of good friends, family, and support that I can be just as good as my super 1337 friends are! Someday I will achieve my dream of doing all the "darker"-skinned cosplays I can, with some original ones to boot. I'm a single mother of a beautiful baby boy who is known as "My chibi" and a good few friends here in Utah. I hope to travel to various con's and appreciate all that you've done for me in being my friends! Happy Cosplaying!

Cosplay Bio

My interest in cosplay came by taking pictures of all my friends and they're amazing cosplays. I figured that I should give it a shot, and here I am. =)

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Deviantart: Nivali NekoNivi


My favorite anime Ranma 1/2 / Blue Seed / They are my Noble Masters / Bleach / Slayers / Socerer Hunters / Those Who Hunt Elves / Strawberry Eggs / and Akira / Outlaw Star My favorite game(s) Metal Gear Solids / Gears of War / Bioshock / Battlefield Bad Company / WoW My favorite book(s) Grimms Book of Fairy tales / Wanted Comic / Nana Manga My favorite movies(s) 300 Akira Steamboy