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Name : larissa
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Location : belgium
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Date of Birth : 1st February 1989
Age : 28

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i'm larissa verbeke ( aka majin_marron/majinmarron )
i'm currently 21 years young and i have a twin sister called melissa ^^
i'm not so good in these things, so i'd say if you want to know more, pm me ^^

Cosplay Bio

actually my sister got me started , she knew how to sew and i was interested in cosplay like for almost a year , and one day we said , lets give it a go :3

i enjoy the fact that for one day you can be a complete different person ^^
and ofcourse wearing beautifull thing that would never be accepted as daily clothes ^^

my proudest moment was when i saw the pictures of my "salvatore" cosplay , i went like "waauw is that me" , i felt then that i just went up a level in skills ^^

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cosplay / gaming / horror / movies