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Name : Gemma
Location : Southampton, UK
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Personal Bio

By day I'm Operations Manager for a recruitment agency. By night (or lunchtimes, or any other free time for that matter) I'm usually found with either a game pad, a sewing needle or a book in my hands. I sleep too little, daydream too much, and run on strong black coffee.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying (though we didn't call it that then) when I was 17 and first worked on a costume, which was Etsy from Cats for Rag Week at college. I spent a couple of years going out to see Starlight Express in Germany in costume, then was asked along to Minamicon 14 and migrated towards anime and game costumes from there. I'd never done dressmaking when I first started cosplaying and so had a lot of help with my early costumes from the wonderful Minxie, but have learned to sew myself over the last couple of years. My greatest achievement to date is my Lia de Beaumont costume from Le Chevalier D'Eon, and finding that my £50 sewing machine could sew through gathers in duchess satin to make the skirt.