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Name : Liam
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Location : cheshire
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Date of Birth : 1st July 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

My name is liam but many call me lycan i have been cosplaying for 4years now but have hardly been seen (Camera shy.....but getting much better)....i like to pay close attention to all my cosplays making then as accurate as possible oftern includes sleepless nights and large mugs of coffee at the google page or craft table

I make props and airsoft customs in my spare time and started my own company called Lycan Customs. My main hobbys are airsoft....and anything resident evil you could say i am a resi nut but it doesnt fit well more like a resi nutcase also a MAJOR metal gear fan and i mean major Even down to learning cqc for fun XD

Cosplay Bio

I started attending the midlands expo at first my 1st cosplay was made in 4 hours (It majorly sucked tbh) and since then I've been hooked. I try to over due myself everytime and oftern cause myself cosplay injurys but in the end its all fun and cosplay has now become my favorite passtime I make props and cosplays all the time and I swear I even do it in my sleep.

cosplay isnt a hobby its a way of life

Contact Information

liam mason - facebook
lycaneyes - deviant art
lycan22 - psn - msn
Lycaneyes - youtube

LycanCustoms - Website coming soon


METAL GEAR SOLID XD / RESIDENT EVIL / devil may cry / action movies / fantasty films / cosplay (well duh) / airsoft / moutain dew =3 / and anything awesome really