Personal Information

Name : Kim
Location : London
Gender :   

Personal Bio

My name is Kim I studied Graphic design at uni I love music and going to concerts, I adore Glee, Sanctuary, Supernatural and the Big bang theory, im a sucker for anything Disney Lilo and Stitch is my fav!!

I listen to most types of music but my favourite is pop punk their concerts are always more fun!! I want my own music venue in the future!!

I love Manga and Anime (who doesn't on here??) Going to art galleries, painting, craft, drawing anything that keeps me creatively thinking I make Plushies

Cosplay Bio

I haven't been cosplaying for long and you will probably most likely see me cosplaying Disney, Kingdom Hearts or Glee characters
My first cosplay was about 2 years ago (Hikaru from Ouran High school host club) which now looking back I think sucked I love the challenge of creating an outfit from scratch, it gives me a chance to be creative without being stuck behind the computer all day which happens a lot with Graphic design

Contact Information

@lilkimmi27 on twitter on DA I sign up to every site as lilkimmi27



Music / Manga / Anime / Graphic design / Fashion / Tv & Movies / Paranormal / Art History / Painting / Sewing / Japan / Kawaii things / Drawing / Mythology / Horror Fantasy Art