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Name : Charlotte
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Location : Newcastle
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 20th November 1989
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Yo! I'm Charlotte, Charlie, Charles, whatever! But no Unicorn! :D
I adore RPG games! Give me Final Fantasy any day, trying to get into other games now, such as the Zelda games, they look beautiful!
Point and Click, Murder mysteries, tad bit of shooting (getting into Mass Effect and Star Wars)

Cosplay Bio

I love the making of cosplays, always adored making stuff, so it's just right for me, I make pretty much all of my stuff, including the jewellery for cosplays, sometimes do some for other people, which I find better, as it makes them happy, and I get things in return :D
Through my (so-far!) short cosplay life, I have found I enjoy cosplaying 'larger' characters, rather than delicate little ones.

Contact Information

I go as Irynmudda most of the time



Gaming / final fantasy-ness / Disney / sci-fi / anime