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Name : sophie
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been cosplaying a few years i'm also a fursuiter and i like larp too :)

Cosplay Bio

started fursuiting in 2007-2008 and cosplaying at the same time only properly getting into cosplay in 2008-2009.
first con was 2011 at birmingham expo november as rainbow dash.

first ever cosplay was sasuke from naruto, but no pictures of this costume were ever taken

cosplay im most proud of is loki laufeyson from avengers.

conventions attended
memorabilia - November 2011 ----------------------rainbow dash
memorabilia + comic con march- 2012 -----------the master (end of time variant)
memorabilia - November 2012 ----------------------loki laufeyson (avengers assemble)
AMFE - December - 2012 ----------------------------gumi (matryoshka)
mcm telford February - 2013 ------------------------loki laufeyson (Stuttgart variant)
memorabilia + comic con march 2013 -----------loki laufeyson (avengers assemble)
gemucon april - 2013 ---------------------------------zoey,OC LARP, big macintosh
collectormania 19 may 2013 ----------------------loki laufeyson(Stuttgart variant)
Cardiff film & comic con 2013 ----------------------10th doctor (doctor who)
collectormaina 20 nov 2013 -----------------------loki laufeyson (thor the dark world)
Comic Con & Memorabilia 2013 ----------------- king loki laufeyson(avengers ), loki laufeyson (thor the dark world)
Telford MCM 2014 -----------------------------------------agent of asgard loki
cardiff comic con 2014 -------------------------------------10th doctor (doctor who)
comic con & memorabilia 2014 ---------------------------agent of asgard loki / king loki (avengers)
kitacon 2014---------------------------------------------modern hiccup/ thor 2 loki / 10th doctor
Collectormanina 21 2014 ----------------------------------------Loki Laufeyson (thor2 )


gaming / anime / manga / furries / my little pony / sci-fi / doctor who / pokemon / disney