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Name : Kevin
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Location : Liverpool
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Personal Bio

I'm 29 from Liverpool! I'm a comic book geek more than anything, leaning more toward DC than Marvel! But I have a huge love for Transformers and specifically G1! People say my personality is like a crazy cartoon character because I rarely open my mouth without doing silly voices or just messing around... I'm quite shy at first but I do come out of my shell a lot more once I'm comfortable with the people around me and my surroundings in general!

Cosplay Bio

I was late getting into cosplay, my first real attempt was at Kitacon IV where I attempted Vincent Valentine, however it turned out I was allergic to the wig I wore and subsequently had to take Antihistamines which I had with me luckily which led to me feeling drowsy so I missed the majority of the first day because of it! I've since then been to MCM Manchester but didn't do cosplay for it as I was too low on funds to try anything at the time!! I've always built costumes for halloween and such, in 2010 I built a G1 Optimus Prime which I was so proud of! I was able to run, and dance inside it which was fun! However it was heavy and so hot inside!! I'm currently building a G1 Grimlock costume for Kitacon 2014 which I'm so excited about because he was probably my favourite Transformer of all! I've also decided to rebuild the Optimus costume as well if I have the time to!

Contact Information

I have my tumblr which I'm happy to speak to people on and I'm hoping to make a cosplay page on Facebook once I've got some more cosplays to put on there!



Photography / art / comics / anime / cartoons / keeping fit etc