Personal Information

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Name : Kei
Location : UK
Date of Birth : 29th April 1984
Age : 33

Personal Bio

Usually in real life - and online to some extent - I'm pretty shy, but cosplay tends to bring me out of my shell a little so I end up being far more talkative and hugging people!
I'm also half deaf so sometimes don't hear people properly/at all, especially if there's a lot of background noise. So if you've met me I hope I didn't come across as aloof or standoffish--I'm just shy and half deaf!
But I'm always happy to make more friends :D

Besides cosplay and Japan-related things, I like crafting and writing. Creativity is fun!

Cosplay Bio

Started cosplaying at Aya '05 (after feeling I was missing out on the fun at Ame '04)! Only did one costume that year but since then I've always done at least three per con. At Aya '09 I somehow managed five cosplays....never again!!!

For me, cosplay is about having an excuse to make and wear an awesome outfit, to show your love for a character, and show off your creative endeavours to fellow cosplayers. My favourite cosplay and biggest achievement cosplay-wise is my Jasmine You Versailles cosplay. It took a lot of work and a lot more money than I'd usually spend on a costume but am so proud of how well it turned out and I received so many compliments on it!

The majority of my cosplays have been Visual Kei cosplays, but there's still a number of anime cosplays in the mix!


anime / manga / cosplay / yaoi / british comedy / reading / vampires / clothes / sewing / creativity / jewellery / dolly kei