Personal Information

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Name : Kevin
Location : Glasgow, Scotland
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 2nd April 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Well what can I say...

I'm Kevin,I'm a tournament player of many beat-em ups but while I say this I am actually really lower tier when it comes to tournament play. Most of the games I play are Beat-em up's alot of them. Haha!

But other than my geeky indulgences, I go out drinking now and then up for a good laugh with my flatmate and workmates alike. I'm a level-headed mellow guy with a passion for speaking his own mind, get into a heated debate with me and sometimes you can get the good ol' Scottish banter or just an enraged Scottish man.

But I am a good man up for a laugh though.

Contact Information

MSN: hubstar@mail.goo.ne.jp
AIM: xtremevash (inactive)
Y!M: xtremevash (inactive)
Skype: overlumit
xfire: katsuya_shiori
PSN: Lumit
360: Hickman Katsuya