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Name : Jamie-Leigh
Website :
Location : Rastrick
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 9th September 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hello, Im Jamie. I cosplay about twice a year at the london expo. Im currently in sixth form and I draw often in my spare time. I also play games alot, mostly nintendo games such as kirby, pikmin and pokemon.
Im a quirky person and often has random out bursts if I see something I like, however im usually withdrawn and shy. Underconfident and I also have a low self esteeme due to bullying. I am slowly trying to build my confidence and I feel more at home at anime con's because I feel I can act however I want and no one will judge you.

Cosplay Bio

I have only so far cosplayed three times. These have been Deidara from naruto, Konoka from negima and Green/Leaf from pokemon. I have next to no photos of these cosplays and so I shall start to photograph my future cosplays.
I attend the london expo and I do wish to attend other conventions in the future.


Anime & Games / Drawing / Cosplay / Naruto / Dragon Ball/Z/GT / Negima / Keroro / Pokemon / Digimon / Nintendo / Soul Eater / Japanese culture / Russian culture / Subeta / plants / animals / music / Zelda / Mario / Kirby / Brawl / Sonic / Metal gear solid.