Personal Information

Name : Steven
Location : South Amboy,NJ
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th March 1990
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Yes I am that Naruto who drops his pants at conventions and YES I am the asshole of PVN productions. When Im not cosplaying Im in a band called And Guidance Crumbled as well as a Tattoo Artist. When Im not doing any of the above I work part time at Abercrombie & Fitch folding clothes and looking pretty.

Contact Information


Graphic Design / Cosplay / Anime and Manga / Eating and not gaining a pound XD / Knives/Swords/Sharp things in general / Music / Drawing / Graffiti / Big Dogs(I have a Rottweiler named Metal Gear REX =P) / Expensive clothes / Fast Cars / Money / Ninjas / blood and Gore / Kickboxing / Wrestling / Video Games / Mass Destruction and World Domination.