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Name : Tiffy
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Location : Shrewsbury, England
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 18th February 1994
Age : 23

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Askvdnlfrr~ eeheehee. haihai. I'm Tiffy.
Complete and utter weirdo.
In love with Reaver. WAY TOO MUCH!

And Fable, really.
Fable 3!! <3

Cosplay Bio

Well, it started by half-accident.
I got told on dA about the MCM Expo in 2009.
And it was really awesome, so I wanted to go again this year, but fufil my dreams of dressin' up. Why?
So I could have photos taken and feel popular. xD

i love it all though.
I've worn them before, but at home or to parties.
Where nobody knew who I was. xD
i'm so excited about making loads more cosplays. :'D

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Films: Sweeney Todd / Sherlock Holmes. Gaming: Final Fantasy / Odin Sphere / Tekken / Devil May Cry / Left 4 Dead / Shin Megami Tensei. Anime & manga / I like any.. So / message me / ne. XD