Personal Information

Name : hectic
Location : UK

Personal Bio

Erm okay hi ! I'm not good with Bio's at all so uhh as for a brief intro as to who I am and what I'm about this may be a bit awful XD

I'm hectic zephyr and I dont like giving out my name internet wise so the few of you who may already know it I really request you keep it to yourselves, erm as for getting into anime and manga ? I dont know maybes a few years ago now ? Aside from watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid I couldnt tell you what anime I watched first but I know I got into manga afterwards.

When I found out about cons and cosplay I think my heart almost burst with excitement. I was always the one who wanted to dress up for fun, be it with friends or even around the house! my mum walked in on me supposedly cleaning my room once but in actual fact I was fighting off an adversary on top of my dressing table in a pirate hat, scarf and brandishing a ruler I was pretty embarrased...... things havent changed much from that time XD

I have an over active imagination and adore the challenges that cosplay poses in the "making" of a costume etc. erm other than that I also love ice skating and eating far to much.

Cosplay Bio

I have many plans I'm always working on, but for now until next year unfortunately that's all they are. I'm still waiting to get paid :( and cosplay is expensive ! but that wont stop me getting all excited and planning for when I finally start getting my regular income ! so I guess until 2012 please be patient with me ^^;