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Name : darrin
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Location : oxfordshire
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Date of Birth : 9th December 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Well hello there my name is Darrin but most call me Gray or Grayskull as this is my cosplay badge name and online alias. As you can tell.
I’m really in to cosplay in a big way I’ve been doing it for round about 4 years now and I have no intention of stop.

Ive been studying Animation for the past 3 years and I’m working my way though the 3ed year slowly its hard work but I’m enjoy it so all is good.

I’m into black in a big way and anything gothic you should see my room! I’m a bit of a Goth if you know me this will be apparent “love my skeleton hoody all tho its dying “ I’m not very good at getting up in the morning which can be a problem “cough Uni cough!” OR spelling but your get used to it XD

I live off manly energy drink and sugar LOL, and if I don’t get my sugar fix I can get a bit cranky, its only the lack of sugar that make me so ^_^


But all in all I’m a very friendly guy to talk to, so don’t hastate to drop me a line or if you live in the UK and I’m about at a con or expo come over and say hi I want bite promises.

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my cosplay acount is here: