gothlovers misa

Personal Information

Name : misato
Website :
Location : london
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 27th July 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

hello everyone :)
I am half Japanese/Burmese girl living in London for studying/job.
I'm BA final year fashion photography student from London College of Fashion.
This is my first year of being Lolita girl and having fun with cosplay culture so I don't really know much people, community or events but I really am looking forward to make friends and attend many events for fun and share the moment with people.
Please don't hesitate to add me if you like to know me :)

here is one of my photography and blog site;

Cosplay Bio

How I start loving cosplay is....well I decided to write about Japanese sub culture;Lolita fashion for my university dissertation. As I researched more, I found goth/lolita fashion and cosplay as very interesting and wanted to dress up!
I think it's very fun to dress up like princess or characters you adore.

I just started this so I haven't have much cosplay experience yet(I dress up goth/lolita most of the time to conventions)but I would like to dress up as the girl from Jigoku Shojyo, and Utena! <3


things i love; dressing up / fashion / pink / Gothic/Lolita fashion / topshop / Baby The Stars Shine Bright / black / red / English roses / tattoo / sweets / ribbons / hello kitty / sky / sunshine / vintage / military jacket / vampire / princess / stars / nakagawa shoko / Gaara from Naruto / Revolutionary girl Utena / frills / dots / etc.