Personal Information

Name : Alexandra
Location : ipswich
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st October 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hi my name is alexandra but i get called lily i dnt no why lol,i live in a house in ipswich lmao ,i love anime ,naruto even though we havnt even got to naruto shippuden here -_- and others like ,tokyo mew mew or mew mew power,sailor moon,luckystar ect...............i like going to the expo in london ,but i go only twice a year ,there is sooo few anime conventions near me which is a let dow T-T.

Cosplay Bio

i love doing cosplay ,but i make my own costumes ,i got started last year when i looked up gothic lolita and i found some G L.P (gothic lolita and punk)in a shop near me called moons it rocked ,i walked around town with my cousin dresses the same as me we loved it so i went to my first convention omg i had sooo much fun.

Contact Information
bebo-lily M


anime / films / heavy metal / cosplaying / manga / games / actings