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Um hi?
I'm Leo, and I'm generally a very closeted, very anxious guy, who just happens to liven up around his friends, and can seem very cold and standoffish to the rest of the world! I like blue and green and annoy my senpai by not changing my socks often enough(!) I'm obsessively clean...unless I'm tired and can become a messy lad, basically!

I've studied for a Degree (BA hons) and also achieved a Masters Degree, but am presently getting into the verve of being a "penniless writer", living with my senpai/niisan/oniisama - whatever else takes my fancy at the time.

I like anime and manga more than just about anything -- except fantasy books -- and am a pretty avid gamer, though the only non Japanese game I've honestly played is Dragon Age. I like jpop, kpop, jrock and probably krock too, if it exists!

I love Japanese culture, history, and ethos, but I'm also freakishly passionate about the occult, daemonology and vampirism.

I also have far too many plushies for a boy. D:

Favourite fandoms include; Pandora Hearts, Vocaloid, and stuff in the same vein as this, although I'm crazy about supernatural stuff like Shinrei Tantei Yakumo and 11eyes (yes, I have the adult VN too /waggles eyebrows).

Cosplay Bio

I've cosplayed a few characters already, but don't have photographs of them, which is a little lame! D: But I'm hoping to start arranging photos of them, even if they're just shitty webcam or mirror shots, in the coming weeks, as I work on my current cosplays.

I like pretty hard-ass characters, but haven't gotten around to cosplaying them yet...I'd love to do some Final Fantasy guys, and people like Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue, but those cosplays are pretty much on the back-burner for now. I've cosplayed as some of the guys from Ouran, same with Vampire Knight, and my proudest cosplay thus far has been Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts. I've got a lot of cosplays from a random assortment of things...

I like uniforms, and cosplays with a fantasy vibe, like Fai from Tsubasa. I also dig traditional Japanese gear. Cosplays I covet at the moment are:

Keima from The World God Only Knows
Fai from Tsubasa
Kakeru from 11eyes
Pretty much any Kaito varient. (Vocaloid)
Hei from Darker than Black
Edgeworth from Ace Attorney
Earl Grey from Kuroshitsuji (manga)

^ This sort of gives an idea of the kind of stuff I'm into cosplay-wise, but even then...there'll always be something entirely random that springs to mind. ;D

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gavinguile(at) MSN - note, I don't talk much.
Darkerthan - Plurk



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