Personal Information

Name : Louise
Website : http://flower-sceptre.livejournal.com/
Location : Cardiff, Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 10th October 1981
Age : 35

Personal Bio

At the moment I'm working as an assistant to my property developer fiance, but in the next few months I hope to start a degree in Japanese at Cardiff Univeristy. I already live in Cardiff, the beautiful capital city of Wales, with my fiance Pete. I am very passionate about my hobbies, cosplay and writing.

Cosplay Bio

I've always loved dressing up and I adore Final Fantasy so a few years ago I went to a convention dressed as White Mage Yuna from FFX-2. I fell in love with cosplay that day and have never gone back. I have two criteria for costumes, either I love the costume or I love the character or sometimes when I'm lucky I love both. I tend to go from one cosplay project to the next with little gap in between. When I pick a major costume I like to pick something I know will be challenging and will force me to learn new skills.

Contact Information

Yahoo ID - coffee_bean_addict
MSN - coffee_bean_addict@hotmail.com


Toot toot!

Thu, 27 Nov 2008 10:48:50 GMT

Happy birthday ashechan!



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