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Name : Faye
Website : http://feishiro.tumblr.com/
Location : West Sussex
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Personal Bio

My name is Faye, and I'm from Sussex~
I love Hetalia and my friends and I would like to make a hetalia centred cosplay group in the future.
I'm still in High school. And hope to become a Historian/Sociologist/Graphic Artist in the future :)
I suffer from S.A.D (social anxiety disorder/social phobia) and find it difficult to go out in public or talk and socialise with people(this doesn't affect my convention experiences though,because I'm having too much fun).
My friends and I are too young/too inexperienced to travel long distances alone, so we go to conventions with our parents at the moment (This makes it harder for us to socialise with other cosplayers since, well, parents are embarrassing...).
I'm still hoping to make more friends who have the same interests as me and hope to meet some nice people(eventually).

Cosplay Bio

I have only just started Cosplay and i've almost finished my first costume(just waiting for the wig to be delivered), It's classic England (Arthur Kirkland) from Hetalia.
I've also been to only one event, the London MCM Expo in may 2012 and will (hopefully) be continuing to go for the years to come.
I got into Anime when I was about seven and started drawing it too. Then at the age of around eight - nine I fell in love with cosplay, and dreamed that I could cosplay one day. Also my parents are very supportive of my interests, my mother loves costumes and theatre and my father just likes it all in general :)
So I'm hoping on making cosplay one of my new hobbies for the years to come! ^-^

Contact Information

Deviantart: http://feishiro.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: http://feishiro.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/feishir0

-If possible could you send a message with your request to add me, or I wont accept you.(I don't except complete strangers!)-
MSN: faye.white@live.co.uk
Skype: fayeshiro



Drawing / History / Cosplay / Music / Humans / Fantasy creatures