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Name : Kieran
Website : http://faramon.deviantart.com
Location : London
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th December 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

What to say about myself... hmmm..

So you are either looking at this for one of two reasons, you know me and want to add as friend or see what I have put here ... Or ... you don't know me but something I have said or done has interested you into looking at mah profile.

If you know me then you know what I am like so well do something useful like make me an ice cream sundae.. now.

If you don't well, clearly I am into cosplay and have been for quite a while (8 years coming up), I am not very good at it but I improve in bits and bats here and there.

I'm mainly a sci-fi bitch and tend to find myself preferring Game and Sci-Fi costumes but if it catches my attention even some anime and manga characters will give me a want to cosplay as them.

I work in SEO which for those who don't know is an online marketing which focuses on moving a site up on pages for terms and keywords on Google, if you wish to know more I suggest you consult your local Wikipedia.

I have a fair few other hobbies quite firmly set in the nerd and geek area of life .. as I quite truly embody to the fullest what I am. These include the usual of films, books and gaming .. but I also have a mad passion for airsoft (again consult your local Wikipedia for that one please :P) as well as just learning things in general.

I hope I am a nice person, I know I am even by my social groups standards a little random but I know I am fairly honest and down to earth with a very pragmatic and straight forward approach to life.

If you want to know more about me then please consult your local Wiki-... just talk to me .. I get around a lot .. like an anime convention bicycle you could say.

Cosplay Bio

I started reading comics > which led me to trying to draw > which led me to dA > which in turn I made friends on > who took me to the my first MCM expo 8 years ago > as well as introducing me to the original LAC .. not that Anime League Pap.

I enjoy cosplay because, well I suppose a nice mixture of escapism and attention whoring ... I like to meet and talk to people. But it is more than that and at the same time hard to explain.

My Commissar was my proudest moment .. that's about it, maybe some more in the future.

I do love helping people with gun related prop questions or if I have it even simply lending the item for a day - always feel free to question me on anything gun related I can either find out what they use or I will already know it :).

Hmm I have put most of what should probably be in here up there so .. yea.

Contact Information

k.kun@hotmail.co.uk is for both MSN and Skype I use both please feel free to add me.

http://www.facebook.com/faramon is my facebook account



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