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Name : Lauren
Location : Bristol, England, UK
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 27th September 1988
Age : 26

Personal Bio

I am the shorter one out of the two Chasin' After Myu co-founders, and perhaps the weirder of the two. I am a huge Sailor Moon fan aswell as a Moonie cosplayer. I also love various other fandoms aswell, ^_^

Oh and did I mention how I suck at filling out these things? XD XD

Cosplay Bio

I have always done fancy dress costumes, some including The Phantom of the Opera and a Hobbit from Lord of the Rings, but I never properly cosplayed until May 2009.

Contact Information

electricfreight - Twitter


Sailor Moon / Lord of the Rings / Thunderbirds / Transformers / Musicals / Sera Myu / Starlight Express / Takarazuka / Cats / Rose of Versailles / Elisabeth / Brothers Karamazov / Les Miserables / Axis Powers Hetalia / Ouran High School Host Club / Kiddy Grade / Kuroshitsuji / Tanz der Vampire / Code Geass / Fruits Basket / Scarlet Pimpernel / Tangled