Personal Information

Name : Hexen
Location : Kent
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 25th June 1986
Age : 30

Personal Bio

A girl with several different nicknames. Einon, Jezbel, Hexen, use which you like ^^ Crazy, perhaps, but that isn't all that unusual right? Bit of a bookworm, but enjoys exploring as well. Carries an interest in Chinese history - notably the Three Kingdoms and mid Qing Dynasty periods - speaks very basic Chinese (okay yes, it is quite bad, I'm learning) and can read and speak basic Manchurian. Spends time chasing pictures of an object in the British Museum in order to try and read it, nosing rather obscure texts and grouching every time she sees a scan of a Qing Dynasty scroll where the only side she can read has been cut off. Einon in a nutshell

Cosplay Bio

I am unsure as to exactly what got me first interest in cosplay. For my first convention, back in 2002, I dressed up in a sailor girl outfit. I wouldn't truly call that my first cosplay but I must have been interested in it before then to actually dress in a sailor outfit in the first place. My first proper cosplay was at AmeCon 2006, dressed up as Rin, the Al Bhed merchant from Final Fantasy X. Its just evolved from there, and with any slight changes in interest have my ideas changed with. Tried everything from standard cosplays such as Final Fantasy and Pokemon, to some more unusual and crazy ideas from other eastern influences (such as from the Chinese story Lu Ding Ji).

Contact Information

Facebook: Hexen Niohuru


History / languages / gaming / detective books / eastern films