Personal Information

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Name : Catherine
Website : http://ex1vision.deviantart.com/
Location : Nottingham
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 30th June 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I've been cosplaying for a long time now, since 2006, bu i've been out of the cosplay world for a while now and having been missing it terribly, I'd love to make some new friends that are into the same things :3

I'd like think i'm a happy go lucky person but i do tend to come across standoffish at first, nervous..
Either way I'm nice and friendly really so lets make some bloody costumes!

Cosplay Bio

I originally got into cosplay because of, you guessed it, the internet. I'd wanted to attend a convention from the age of 16 but didn't actually get the chance until I was 18, Amecon 2006 and it was brilliant!
What i love about cosplay is immersing myself in a genre or character i love and admire, because doesn't everyone want to dress up as their favorite thing once in a while. I also love a challenge, I particularly like cosplaying male characters, the make up is always SO much fun to do.



Resident Evil / Supernatural / Sherlock / Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit / Star Trek / anything by George A Romero / Left for dead / Silent Hill / Tomb Raider and many MANY more..