Personal Information

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Name : Jax
Location : UK
Date of Birth : 2nd June 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

><; um...XD i love cosplaying XD i never know what to write for these things!!! ><

Cosplay Bio

>>; cosplaying keeps my sanity XD and ice cream. i started in cosplay pretty much when i made squalls jacket back in the day XD, mainly cause i liked his jacket, it was my first piece made ^^; and i love how cosplay helps escape from reality for a while

if u ever see me at a con...ill be the one either dancing/singing/hugging plushies/eating ice cream/randomly hugging/cooing over cute cosplayers/looking completely lost ><


x.x; i have an interest in random things / i love debates / i love theories / i love complexities of society / i love ice cream (haagen daz / buy me some ill love u XD) / im in love people who dont exist (aka miku hatsune) ^^; / i love hugs and glomps (though i blush ><)