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Name : hayley
Location : sutton
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 6th March 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

well what about me... i'm a skateboarder but you will rarely see me on my board unless i dont have my Bmx around then you will. I am who i want to me, i dress how i want and i've learned now (by my sister) to not be so quite and let people just make me feel small and their little bitch (not the way she said it) but to talk up and stick up for myself and its working.

Other then that i'm a really nice person that is just trying to find my path to where i want to go in life. I really hope my future is bright.

I have really cool mates that i have met and they have helped me through alot after alot of ups and downs just after a couple of weeks of meeting them. They know who they are. ♥ love you all xXx

Cosplay Bio

I got into anime when i was 13 and my first Anime to watch was Naruto :D
One of my friends told me about cosplaying but i never took a interest then a year later another friend explain you do Anime people etc and told me all about London Expo i loved the idea and went along.

My first cosplay 31 October 2009 was Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight. I wore here prom dress and dyed my hair brown and got it cut like hers and my second most recent was 29th - 30th My 2010 and i was Konan from the Akatsuki's.
People thought i made a really good konan :)

So now im a cosplayer and i love it. From this i have made new friends and found a boyfriend <3



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