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Name : Kat
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Location : United Kingdom
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Date of Birth : 25th September 1992
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hi, My name is Kat, I love to have a laugh and will do anything for my friends. My dream is to work with Animals.

I also love to read and write stories especially of my favourite TV Shows. I adore music is one of my favourite things to do when bored and I love playing video games but that's once in a blue moon.

What's most important in my life - Food, Video games, manga comics and Anime shows, Sleeping and friends :)

I love chatting to friends a lot, I love watching TV like my fave TV show are Sailor Moon.

Cosplay Bio

Kat is a 21 year old cosplayer from England. She loves to cosplay as my favourite characters either from Anime, TV and Films or as one of my favourite YouTuber, Shane Dawson’s Shananay. Her friends call me Katsy because of my favourite villain from Sailor Moon called Catsy.

Kat started cosplaying when she cosplayed Belle from Beauty and the Beast for a fancy dress party. After that a friend of her's and her brother’s told me about London MCM Expo and she started going back in May 2011 as a normal sailor and have going and doing other cosplays ever since.

She's done a few anime cosplays and is now hopeful to expanding her cosplays into other branches from Sci-Fi to Video Games.

If Kat had to choose what’s the best cosplay she has done so far it would either be Sailor Moon, Misa Amane or Sarah Jane Smith.

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I love music / anime / manga / making videos for facebook / video games / chatting to friends and going anime shopping