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Name : Carl
Location : Great Britain
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 22nd March 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

Hi! my name is Carl am lazy and fun and am a nice person. iv always been into Games,Cartoons and Anime's since Pokemon,Tenchi Muyo, Gundam wing and Shinzo first aired on Foxkids and Toonami good times... What i love about Anime is the Art the story and the creativeness of the characters and what i like about the games you get to play as your fav characters and its fun and you find it really addictive come on everyone was hooked on pokemon. ill be looking forward to cosplaying with you guys when i get the chance ^__^

Cosplay Bio

cosplay is great cos you dress as your fav anime characters and you meet new people and how i started is i met few people who did it at newcastle.


Art / Music / Anime / Social Activity / i enjoy everything