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Name : Holly
Website :
Location : Wales
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 24th October 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Uh well i'm doing my A-levels down in Wales! It's hard work!

I really like anime and manga (hense why I cosplay) and I'm currently working on a comic called Under the Skin: it's hard work and the first few chapters suck but it's getting better! Hehe!

Cosplay Bio

I've currently cosplayed

Sharon Rainsworth - Pandora Hearts (and May Expo 2010)
Kasane Teto - Vocaloid (Kitacon3)
Lugia - Pokemon (Kitacon3)

I will be cosplaying;

Kallen - Code Geass (Oct Expo 2011)
Feferi - Homestuck (Oct Expo 2011)

I am also a member of Cosplay Cymru cospay group

Contact Information

ima on skype and msn~

Skype: colacat24



anime / manga / drawing / vocaloids / roleplay