Personal Information

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Name : Bryan
Website :
Location : Glasgow
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 12th January 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Fairly amateurish cosplayer - more a Monkey D. Luffy fanboy.

Based in Glasgow, full time web developer/graphic designer - also take on some freelance work, but trying to cut back to allow the choice of a social life.

Cosplay Bio

First costume was at my first anime event (Ame '06) - Sasuke from Naruto (Black top version). Also served as multiple Ouran High School Host Club characters for various EGL tea parties over 3 events.

More recently have been working on perfecting my Luffy costume(s). Entered my first masquerade at Aya 2011 - which thankfully wasn't a total disaster!

Interested becoming more skilled at building props/armour.