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Name : Beth
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Location : San Diego, CA, USA
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Date of Birth : 8th April 1990
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I'm a psychology student at University of California, San
Diego. In high school I was a major geek, but I think since then I've
grown into it to suit me better. Nowadays I'm into fashion and girl-things
as well as gaming until the early morning hours.
I don't have any nicknames except "Pink" from freshman year when I dyed my hair hot pink on a whim.

I am proud of my knowledge and love for all things technology (even though I'm a mac lol). I started coding back in the good old days of Myspace, and have since then created a few websites. I'm also into graphic design and art which help
along the aesthetics of my silly all-HTML/XHTML pages. My favorite games
tend to be RPGs on older systems like the Game Boy Color and Playstation.
I'm in love with the Pokemon series and will continue to love each game that comes out. <3 A few of my other top favorites are Zelda, MW2, Portal, Red Dead Redemption, and Twisted Metal 4.

A cool fact about me is that I'm the daughter of Duke Nukem. No, really -
my dad is Jon St. John and did the voice of Duke when I was in 2nd grade.
He had to turn the child lock on when I played, unfortunately, so I never
heard "I'mma rip off your head and shit down your neck!" until I was
older. No, I haven't played DNF yet because I need to borrow my dad's copy. :P

I model when I'm not busy with school and am currently looking for agency
representation in San Diego and L.A. Some of my other hobbies and interests are knitting, sewing, art, fashion, dancing, 70s music, Jersey Shore, and UFO conspiracy theories.

I'm looking into doing more cosplays in the future because costume designing is one of my favorite things to do!

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay because I love designing something that I really love that I can show off to hundreds of people at conventions. As a model, I'm always looking for jobs that will get me into comic and video game cons because the excitement at a convention is really inspiring.

Past Cosplays:
Emma Frost (X-Men) - San Diego Comic Con 2010
Ironette (Iron Man 2) - San Diego Comic Con 2010

Future Cosplays:
Elesa (Pokemon White/Black)
Black Cat (Marvel)
Lady Gaga

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modeling / knitting / sewing / art / fashion / dancing / 70s music / Jersey Shore / and UFO conspiracy theories