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Personal Information

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Name : Jacqui
Location : Manchester
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 17th March 1985
Age : 31

Personal Bio

I'm a Retail Manager which pays the bills and ensures that my flat still looks like a shrine to geekdom even at the wrong side of 20!! I'm a massive Star Trek fan and would consider this to be my main fandom with my favourite characters being Data, Garak and Gul Dukat and am very much into sci fi in general. I love comic books and I'm a Marvel girl (sorry DC) and am currently collecting all of the X Books, all of the cosmic universe titles and quite a few others. Favourite anime/manga series include: Ouran High School Host Club, Dragonball Z, Mushishi, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Gantz, Cromartie High School, Neon Genesis Evangelion . . . arghhhh too many to mention!!

My other obsession is the lindy hop which is a form of swing dancing. I'm also into swing music and vintage fashion and spend most of my spare time dancing with my friends around the country and going to dance camps (which are pretty much the swing dancing equivalent to cons :) )

Other hobbies/interests are: writing, gaming (rpgs/rhythm action/beat em ups/anything weird), pro wrestling, cult movies and 80s horror movies.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in 2007 (I think), it took me a few years to build up the nerve to do it but when I did I absolutely loved it. For one reason or another I've been away from it for a good few years but am certainly back with a vengeance having recently rediscovered my love for cosplay. I can't wait for Ayacon this year :)