Personal Information

Name : Aireanna
Website : http://abkcosplay.proboards.com/index.cgi
Location : manga
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 21st January 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I act. Plain and simple.
I also write, I hope one day my stories become movies and I can act in said movies. I draw the characters for my stories. I sing, dance; anything that really has to do with creativity. Heh heh, I also play video games quite a bit too.

Cosplay Bio

Um, I got started in cosplaying in 2007 and I have a total of 4 costumes made up and done so far. I got started doing it as I watched a few friends make there costumes and go to our local anime con. The thing I enjoy most about my cosplays is when people come up to me and want my picture. The fact that they think my costume is well made and they recognize me is an accomplishment. I dont really thing I have a proudest molment just yet. Considering I have only cosplayed for 2 years (3 this october) means that I have not won anything just yet. But if I relly have to pick something, I guess the fact that my mom and I make a great costume making team works for now.

Contact Information

My e-mail is ayeka_13@yahoo.com if you want to privately ask about ABK. If you would like to contact me on any other cosplay website you can type in ayamay_black on acparadise. or ayamay chanler on cosplay.com.

Britt and Kate are always happy to help you on ABK as well, I am just online more often and am the techi of the group.


Acting / Writting / Drawing / Performing / Cosplaying. I also enjoy anime / magna / card games / gaming and horror movies.