Personal Information

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Name : Michelle
Location : Germany
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 28th April 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Ok...what should I say?
hmm dunno...
at first xD
I'm from Germany and exactly from Thuringia I love to cosplay and to talk with my friend, drawing is also uhobby
I will go to London from 25th of september and I hope I find there some cosplayer too xD If not I'm (like) totally lost xD

Cosplay Bio

when did it start?...ehm...long ago at the bookfair in leipzig ^^~
I started with Iruka from Naruto and it goes over Kingdom Hearts and so on to Hetalia xD
I love cosplay because you can be someone completly different, and you find new friends and so on~
i think this is enough for the first time xd

Contact Information

this is the german website for cosplayer, animefans and so on ^^~