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Name : Arekusu
Location : Manchester
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Personal Bio

D: Personal bio? I dont have a life other then cosplay xDD Lol
Nu! Thats a lie xD lol
Hai! I'm Arekusukisu, butttttt you guys can call me whatever the hell you like <3 =)My real name is Alexandra, but no one calls me that other then my mum when shes angry at me xD x
I'm a college student studying Performing arts~ Its my dream to be on the stage. I love to sing, act and dance even though I'm not very good at it, and am In a band~ I might someday have the courage to upload one of my songs onto youtube so you guys can listen! But just yet though xD I'm interested in lolita fansion and I listen to mostly J-rock and J-pop xD My favorite artists are The Gazette, Dir En Grey, LMC, Antic Cafe, Miyavi, Kotani Kinya, Ayaka, Ai Otsuka, Super junior, Girls Generation, Sistah 19 and mannnyy more~ xDD
Im a very friendly person and I love making new friends xD Add me or message me I dont mind XD Lol
And there is nothing more about me I dont think xDD~ Arnt I boring? x3

Cosplay Bio

Ahh, I started to cosplay in 2006 I cosplayed as Shuichi Shindou first, because I absolutely loved him xD I still do XD Even though it was one of my fondist memories, the horror of that cosplay still haunt me, it was so terrible xDD But I cosplayed Shucihi not long ago and I plan to more in the future, I really hope its not as bad As it was!!
Im seriously so greatful to my dog who ate half of my old shuichi wig <3 Lol xD

Ive lately started to make my cosplays as much as I can, Im not very good xDD;; Lol, but Ill get better! xDDD Well Im trying to generally get better with my cosplays, Slowly > n < *facedesk*
Check out my cosplays and gimmie feedback! I like feedback! DX <3 Lol
Thank chuu! x

Cosplays I have already done:
Sasuke Uchiha- Naruto (Retired)
Shuichi Shindo- Gravitation (orange jumper version)
Roxas- kingdom hearts (Retired)
Roxas- kingdom hearts- Own deisgn (Retired)
Sebastian Michaelis- Kuroshitsuji
Mikuo Hatsune- Vocaloid
Kaname Kuran- Vampire Knight
Rin- Togainu no chi
Saeko Busujima- High school of the dead
Shizuo Heiwajima- Durarara!!
Shizuo Heiwajima(Femi)- Durarara!!
Alice- Gothic Alice in wonderland
Draco Malfoy- Harry Potter
Misa Amane- Death note