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Name : Amy
Gender :   
Date of Birth : 6th May 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio


Pretty much sums it up, but the long part is I'm a university student studying Japanese who is terrified of making a bad first impression. This makes people think I'm shy. That impression doesn't generally last long :p

I spend a fair amount of time reading, drawing or watching through tv/anime series, as well as turning myself into a human pincushion whilst sewing (I should probably invest in a thimble at some point...or even a sewing machine). Kicking myself back into videogames too, though they're all old ones at the moment :p

Cosplay Bio

I first got into cosplay through a mad friend of mine (emphasis on mad, not even kidding). I think most of the attraction was because it was a new form of being creative - I've always loved making things, this was just another medium to do it in haha. I love making difficult costumes (though I probably just make things harder for myself) and my proudest moment was actually having the guts to do the Masquerade at the May 2011 expo with the hardest costume I've done to date :) I generally have to pick characters with a similar personality to mine though, as I don't like glaring for photos despite what the character may do :l



Sci-fi / fantasy / anime / manga / sewing / painting / sketching / gaming / films / books / writing / being silly / friends / ice-cream / beaches