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Name : Lianne
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Location : Runcorn cheshire
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Hi My names lianne or li as alot of people call me and I don't tend to cosplay I just take photos so if your in my area and want to do a cosplay meet we can ;3 I have a bjd named asher he's my baby and I have taken cosplay photos I just dunno if I can post them here we shall find out ;3.

I love to draw and dance and I'm very hypo and talkative ;3 and I love gaia you can add me as angellynx or kaede-kasumi on gaia ;3 I have a persian cat named coca who likes to lick my laptop plug (she's doing that now) and I have dislexia so forgive my wrighting etc :D

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cosplayed as yamamoto from khr and allen walker from dgm but I was alot bigger then so I felt stupid XD

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lianne salem photography on facebook

or add me on facebook lianne rizzo salem telling me who you are ;3


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