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Name : Claire
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Location : Luton - Bedfordshire
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Date of Birth : 25th April 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Hi i'm Claire
I luv Anime, Cosplaying, Horse Riding, Doing Parapara/DDR, Being on my pc n MSN, Hanging out with my mates, Reading Anime books

Cosplay Bio

I started up Cosplaying though my sister (naruto-fan15) on here and 1st place I started doing this was at the MCM Expo in London back in 2007. so been well over a year of cosplaying. I really enjoy doing this as I have made so many new friends though it which I hang out with now and a again in London going 2 cosplay meet ups.
Though this I have become a photographer as I currently luv doing Photography. check on my DA account c 2 some of my some of my shots.

1st cosplay I did was Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 at MCM Expo and from then I have cosplayed as the following and become a member 2 a cosplay group made by my sister.


Tifa - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Kairi - Kingdom Hearts II
Orihime - Bleach
Yuna - Final Fantasy
Tobi - Naruto Shippuuden
Mitsuki Hayase - Rumbling Hearts

More 2 come :)


Angelic Layer / Rumbling Hearts / Cardcaptor Sakura / Ouran High School Host Club / Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy VII / Beyblade / Sonic / Rave Master / Horse Riding / Photography / Landscapes / Cosplay / Animals / Wildlife / Pets